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  • The System scales in several dimensions:
    • Safety: Protection can be defined up to 100%. Attacks are prevented
    • Costs: Low cost solution through focusing on use cases: The system scales from a central up to a dedicated system regarding costs and throughput
    • Throughput: The performance of the overall system is balanced to the customers need. All components will match each other while highly parallelizing (also realtime monitoring)
  • Safety:
    • Protection of productive systems (PS)
    • Protection of all contentbased-attacks
    • No possibility of IP-based attacks
    • System’s integrity is always safeguarded
    • Selected data flow control between acceptance station, system (lock) and PS – including monitoring
    • Recursive decryption and unpacking of data before content examination
    • Secure identification of undesired embedded data due to XRayWatch’s complex recursive content checking
    • Integration of any number of anti virus- and external systems (documentation included)
    • Processes can be separated due to process-specific authorizations and/or due to stand-alone hardware systems
    • Essential data transformation of one file into another "safe" format such as PDF/A-1a is possible

Archiving of undesirable data/files

  • Different possibilites of using "undesired" data/ files:
    • Data conversion into a secure format
    • Data will be deleted
    • Secure deletion of data
    • Data will be stored separately in a so-called "contamination zone"
  • Supplier notification is possible
  • "Contamination zone" behind firewall system
  • Only authorized people (e.g. forensic) can gain access to this "contamination zone"
  • Evidence of original data and metadata (time and origin) with legal evidence