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Data Filter for the Cloud


Solutions in black and white are not suitable for cloud computing
„Cloud or not cloud“ is the wrong question and a „completely secure cloud“ the wrong requirement. Instead key questions to be asked are, what is stored where as well as how is it processed. Therefore classification models and data encryption are mandatory, in order to be able to make the right choice and accomplish additional protection for cloud offerings.


Which Tablet Suits Your Purpose?


There is a wide range of devices available, starting with those having only a On-/Off-switch up to fully qualified business computers. From an enterprise security standpoint the choice of the right solution should be contingent on the particular use case with its special requirements. (by Dipl. Inform. Ramon Mörl, CEO itWatch GmbH)


Press release - itWatch and Microsoft team up on security

Together the two partners present the secure Windows 8 tablet:

Munich, April 16, 2013 – The German security specialist itWatch has partnered with Microsoft, to deliver enhanced security with fine grained, centrally managed security guidelines for Microsofts operating systems on servers, PCs, laptops and tablets. As a result of the partnership particularly customers of the recently released Windows 8 based tablet PC can expect huge benefits and cost efficiency. itWatch’s in Germany developed, patented IT-security software expands the protection provided by the Microsoft offering.