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dataEx: Security Management - securely delete and formate

dataEx: Security Management - securely delete and formate

dataEx enables you, to securely delete any information (files or entire folders) on removable media (flash storage technology) AND hard disks (magnetic storage) or to securely format entire media (including rewritable optical media).

The module dataEx allows a secure Delete of files and folders and their metadata on basis of the existing permissions, in a way, that even with the best forensic tools they cannot be restored anymore.
In addition secure Format makes it possible to securely format existing storage media (also rewritable optical media), so that none of the previously stored data is there anymore.

Both functions can be used in two ways according to your liking:

  • The context menu of the data medium, of the folders and of the files in question respectively of the data medium to be formatted contains the entries "Secure delete" respectively "secure format of the data medium". Just click on the function you want to use.
  • Alternatively fro secure deleting of files and folders by drag & drop you can use on your desktop the drop-target symbol "itWESS shredder". It can also be used for securely formatting removable media.

After each action you get a success respectively failure message on the execution.
All the procedures are compliant with the international standards and the requirements of the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (in Germany: BSI).

Cost reduction

Due to this procedure you can use cost effective ways od disposal for your hard disks and mobile storage media - even if they have to comply with legal regulations.

Treads & Challenges:

  • The operating system's own delete functions do not delete – they only unblock the reserved space for further use. It's left to chance, if and when the cleared space is really used. Anyway, the data on the storage medium
    remains readable for everyone, having access to the medium.
  • In the case of USB sticks or other removable media the access is particularly easy. The user believes, the data is apparently deleted – but nevertheless trespassers may get hold of it, without anybody noticing or having done anything wrong.
  • A PC storage medium is given to a service provider for maintenance or "repair" – that is for example warranty claims or the clarification of technical problems. Confidential data has been deleted, but not securely deleted.
  • For certain data companies are obliged by law to take the technically feasible measures for data protection - including deleting securely. Legal liability is with the executive management/board of directors and can NOT be delegated to others, even if they perform certain actions by order.
  • For your own interest you should protect your financial, development and other confidential data against espionage and unwanted uncontrolled access, even beyond the active life cycle of the information.
  • It is recommendable (for certain environments mandatory) to comply with the requirements of the BSI for "secure delete" of information worth protecting.