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Industry 4.0

itWatch has built a sophisticated ICS/ IPS lock for the protections of industrial systems built of different product components and expertise. The system works on the basis of standard hardware or as appliance. For special needs the complete bundle including the decoupled systems is offered as a mobile device.


The products of itWatch follow a more than 15 years lasting tradition. Their stability and reliability is documented in millions of systems active every day. The products were approved for usage in highly secure environments labelled with a military ‘Secure’ classification in 2003. Since then they show their sturdiness and dependability in cases of aggressive attacks on a daily basis.


More Information about ICS/IPS lock

Our Services

Our partners provide professional support for the implementation of our products in your organization, including the following services:

  • risk assessment by means of a target/actual comparison provided by the Device Scanner throughout the network and a final audit report,
  • set-up and maintenance of corporate security policies,
  • development of customized plugins for our standard products,
  • planning of product deployments –we are supporting customers with concepts of operation and planning documents,
  • roll-out support