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itWatch Entersprise Security Suite- the complete, secure chain of trust


Munich, January 28th 2015 Intelligence services and other customers of itWatch have been warning for a long time against products of certain origins, because of its assumed and proven lack for industrial espionage. Many products and process models provide supposedly secure application, however "the last gap" remains often ignored by IT security. This last gap comprises various facets, such as legal certainty and involvement in the organization and technology. This includes the “Secure Keyboard”, the automatic recognition of IT-Risks at the workplace and the reporting and management of these risks in defined and also for human understandable processes, which integrate the user in real time with mandatory dialogues. During all activities the user is supported through permanent identification and separation of critical behaviors on the basis of a software patent. itWatch provides several new solutions which close the critical last gap. The new products are an addition to the traditional topics of the itWatch Enterprise Security Suite including Data Loss Prevention (DLP), Endpoint Protection and encryption of mobile data.

Risk Watch provides a personal overview and concise analysis of the customers’ current situation using predefined reports. Through only one click the product is installed and reports problematic security- related incidents e.g. modified hardware, DLL, exe, … This means that all actual existing risks and potential violations of valid operational instructions can be assessed quantitatively and qualitatively (upon request of course completely anonymous). Based on the results the internal need for action can be defined.

MalWareTrap identifies personalized attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). In addition, it executes corresponding actions in an appropriate quarantine environment without affecting the user’s work flow.

“Secure Keyboard” consists of everything what is needed to fend attacks which are addressed by “BadUSB”. These include: The profound authentication of devices, protection against double devices, freezing of a hardware sets at the time of delivery, prohibition of unknown processes and the secure transmission of passwords past the vulnerabilities of the operating system straight in the application or login, so that hardware and software keyloggers don’t have a chance.
From the organizational side, traditional solutions such as AwareWatch complete the chain of trust. In real time the user receives the correct security awareness information adjunct to the respective critical actions like automatic releases, legally binding agreement to all processes and many more possibilities round of the last gap.

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Since 1997, itWatch products protect millions in the areas Device-, Port-, Application-, Media-, Print-, Content- Control, Risk Audit, Endpoint Security, Data Loss Prevention, secure deletion and encryption. The major strengths of the company are the cost-effective and secure solutions with an excellent ROI. The innovations which got the seal of approval called “IT-Security made in Germany” and which are applied up to a military level of SECRET received many quality certificates. These innovations are developed without exception in Germany with salaried and verified employees. Thus, the products don’t have hidden backdoors such as installed foreign drivers or cryptographic solutions. The customers of itWatch come from all industrial sectors and sizes and use the expertise of itWatch also for the protection of industrial plants and Industry 4.0. Quite recently itWatch received the Smart Digital Award for added value and the potential of cost reductio