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DEvCon: Device Management - Security Management for Endpoints

DevCon - Security Management for Endpoints

DEvCon is monitoring all activities in Microsoft-environments. Each event on a PC or server is identified in real time. In a centralized policy the reactions on an event are defined, logging being just one of them. Further reactions could be a notification of the help desk, alerting of the security officer, a real time security awareness dialogue with the user or self approval along with certain requirements. Due to the cascading architecture of DEvCon the information is passed on directly to the right point of need or alternatively the API of a third-party product is invoked.

Assessing Risks

DEvCon is responsible for the real time inventory of all devices and applications in use, network contacts as well as exchanged files and many more useful information. Further the solution provides benchmarking of locations using freely defined security and usage criteria. Also DEvCon is logging the actual condition for an alignment with the nominal condition, according to the companies regulations or the general threat situation. This risk assessment is the best prerequisite for a risk management or the first “strict” security policy.

Information to the Point of Need

Due to the cascading architecture of DEvCon the information is passed on directly to the right point of need, like all active WLANs to the network admin, new applications/devices to the inventory database, plug-and-play errors to the help desk or attempted violations to the security officer.

Controlling the amount of data

For all the logged events you can decide, whether to send the data from the client to the central service, where it is simply displayed, passed on or written to a database. In the event of redirection you can decide to use further DEvCon-instances or feed the data to third-party products (e.g. Tivoli, IDS, Patrol etc.).

Drive Mapping

DEvCon allows for the assignment of new drive letters – centrally or across the network – there will be no interference with your existing network drives.

Cost Savings

You can save a lot of costs by using reasonable technologies on PCs and periphery. Saving potentials range from wireless communication solutions like WLAN, Bluetooth or W-USB and cost efficient peripheral devices like printers, external storage or infrastructure components up to communication costs for UMTS and GPRS of GSM provider with their own hardware. The Bavarian Police for instance is saving over one million Euro per year with the automation of approximately 20,000 workplaces with the help of DEvCon.

Service Improvement

The automation of user activities according to central rules in DEvCon’s permission space is key to the success. You can react in real time to the users situation and provide instructions, security awareness measures, help desk integration or ideally fully automated, predefined procedures.