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itWatch managing director Ramon Mörl quoted by heise online ..

EPC Ramon Mörl

Lecture by managing director at the European Police Congress on February 4th, 20 in Berlin

He saw "the first beginnings of better cooperation" between the different actors. Following on from the requirement of security guru Bruce Schneier to finally build secure software, he said, contrary to the previous speaker Kreuzer, that employees should rather be relieved of IT security tasks. "Cybercrime investigators should focus on their investigations."
With a swipe at the competition, Mörl said, "The outcry from software providers is great, except for us, if they are to be liable for their products in the future. The real problem is that safe products do not offer the comfort that residents live privately That was true even for the Chancellor, who preferred to use her private cell phone rather than her secure official one. Everything is mature in terms of security, but we as a society don't want to use it. "

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