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CDWatch: Mobile Security - central authorization of all CDs and DVDs within a network

CDWatch - central authorization of all CDs and DVDs within a network

CDWatch allows the central authorization of all CDs and DVDs within a network. Specified validity periods and partial clearances enable the organization of complex software installations via narrow band connections or even without any communication connection.

CDWatch organizes

At any time, you are able to see which CDs and DVDs have been authorized and are deployed within your network. Each CD / DVD authorization is well documented. The validity period of each CD / DVD can be centrally managed. The de-installation is automatically initiated after the validity has expired.

CDWatch authenticates

Each CD or DVD is authenticated on the basis of its complete data content. The administrator is able to calculate the speed of authentication on the basis of different parameters against the desired security level in individual cases. A complete signature of the total data content ensures 100% conformity with the original.

CDWatch automates

CDWatch automatically executes centrally defined installation processes within the privileges of CDWatch. The user does not need privileges to install. As a result, the complete identical installation of all products can be ensured – everywhere – without network connectivity.

Worldwide Installation Integrity

With only a few CDs or DVDs at hand, a traveling employee is able to make a new installation without any technical know-how anywhere in the world. The installation will not differ from the centrally pre-defined installation. The security guidelines of the central office are fully in place and the user has no administrative privileges on the newly installed PC.

CDWatch lowers costs

After all cost deductions, an environment of 5,000 decentralized work stations at more than one hundred different locations can generate a cost savings of 1.7 million Euros within five years.

Optimize the "Time to User"

Especially complex products or data like, for example, tariff tables or product brochures that contain databases cannot be distributed via traditional software distribution on narrow band connections. Through the central administration with CDWatch the optimal „Time-To-User” with reduced logistical costs and simple access to standard software can be ensured.