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About itWatch

itWatch is the worldwide leading provider of secure device management and is thus promoting IT security in Germany. itWatch is an it-sa platinum sponsor and the first it-sa Benefiz member.

itWatch stands for innovative software products focusing on endpoint security and providing added values for IT operations. Cost efficiency for our customers is paramount for the design of our products. As a basis of product implementation the customer interest, quantities and business processes are being analyzed in detail – itWatch products always support the already existing customer processes.

The solutions are never driven by technological considerations but by customer needs -- being them large or medium sized companies or even government agencies. A broad customer base ensures the permanent advancement, thus guaranteeing the direct access to cutting edge technology and protecting customers investments.

Many security products are missing a contribution to value creation. By contrast, aside from addressing all aspects of the endpoint security, including proactive and cost efficient enforcement of information leakage prevention, compliance, data privacy, itWatch solutions also offer tools, which help organizations achieve a real return on investment (ROI) by enforcing cost reductions for operations and procurement. The Bavarian Police has attested the benefits of these capabilities in an impressive case study.

Last but not least, it is the solutions ease of use for administrators and end users alike that accounts for the success of the itWatch products. The high acceptance is reflected by the smooth roll out of the encryption tool PDWatch on 40,000 field service notebooks in a Stoxx listed Allfinanz company.

These core competencies and a clear focus on customer driven solutions have made itWatch the technological leader in the targeted marketplaces. All the products are featuring worldwide unique functionality. The solutions equally meet the high requirements of intelligence services and are demonstrating their benefits in the day to day business of many small and medium-sized organizations. Since 1999 the products are successfully used in environments with more than 30,000 users.

CDWatch can generate for instance 165,3% ROI in an environment with 10,000 users.

All products are available worldwide in different languages. The patented solutions are being developed and produced at the itWatch offices in Germany without additional purchases. itWatch is supporting its partners and customers in a number of branch offices.

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