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  • Approval of classified documents in the military environment – 4 months testing
  • Robustness has been demonstrated by tests at several State Offices of Criminal Investigations – 6 months testing


  • Over 1 million daily active installed PCs


  • Largest installation comprises far more than 100,000 PCs in one network
  • Many installations in small and midsized companies
  • Centralized administration across locations even in complex network topologies

Cost optimization:

  • Cost-effective procurement, rollout and operations
  • ROI by reducing costs in procurement and operations (for example Bavarian Police!)
  • Modular procurement, individualized licensing system – costs of product licenses are based on the customer’s needs


The Preferred Security Provider for Leading Companies

Road construction
IT service provider
Retail and wholesale
Banks and building societies
STOXX-50 and DAX-30 companies
Automotive suppliers and manufacturers
Hospitals and hospital operators
Social and charity organizations
Private and public insurances
Agencies, local authorities, police forces and governmental departments
Chemical and pharmaceutical industry
Communications provider (mobile and landline)
Courts of auditors, criminal departments, legal authorities
Power and water supply industries, nuclear power plants
Private, cooperative and regional banks
Private & public service broadcasters

have been relying on itWatch products for years

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