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itWatch Enterprise Security Suite (itWESS) - Endpoint Security and Data Loss Prevention for Business

iWESS for Small and Medium-sized Business

itWatch – innovative IT security „made in Germany“

Cyber attacks are threatening large organizations, small and very small companies and individuals alike. Criminals behind these attacks are just as interested in social data coming from kindergartens or educational institutions as they are in insurance offerings from independent brokers, information on a lawyer’s clients, patient records in a medical practice or even in your private data on tax, rent or relatives and friends. The threat landscape has reached a level of complexity, that can’t be individually controlled anymore. Therefore, itWatch put all its expertise into a simple to use solution, enabling anyone to protect sensitive data without much effort or special knowledge against loss or theft whenever and wherever.

itWESS for Large Business

Threads for security, compliance and data privacy arise from many sources, including very complex business and IT procedures, employees, partners and customers. In many cases larger companies and organizations are aware of the fact, that they have to address the issue of existing vulnerabilities and security gaps. A sound control and alerting system is urgently called for. itWatch patented itWESS technology can help you in automatically having the real production data at your disposal. Thus your organization is able, to better assess and then prevent all actually existing risks and potential violations of valid instructions, without affecting the employees productivity.

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