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ApplicationWatch - Control Your Applications

ApplicationWatch - Control Your Applications

Application Control

ApplicationWatch enforces your security policy “what programs will be locally available” for all computers in your network. ApplicationWatch prevents the usage of malware or non-licensed software and protocols attempted access from unauthorized personal. The administration will be done centrally using security policies as usual in itWatch products.

Do you still have a clear view?:

Applications do not necessarily do what users or the company wants them to do. Malware has many characteristics, e.g.:

  • Game software, that just cost time
  • Forbidden third party software affecting the stability of the PC or cost performance
  • Allowed software being so complex to install that the configuration needs to be done by IT-experts
  • Software with parts of malware – e.g. a mail client sending blind copies of each email to an unknown third person or spying passwords
  • Interactive multimedia applications can be a threat to the network by wrong or other than intended usage, giving viruses, worms or trojans access to the network
  • Software usage not respecting the protection of intellectual property and therefore conflicting with compliance goals
  • Resources used contrary to the company guideline, e.g. Skype, 0900 Dialer, that cause high charges
  • CD/DVD Burn programs that support potential data theft
  • Attack software which automatically analyses and abuses weak spots within the company’s network

Central Real Time Monitoring

With its central real-time monitoring, ApplicationWatch gives you a perfect overview about the actual state of all applications being used inclusive usage statistics, for example frequency and duration of use. Information about what application has been started and terminated where and when is sent to your favourite database or location. Of course, you can also just monitor the new – still unknown - applications in real-time to e.g. minimize data transfer.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

As possible within all itWatch products the valid security policy can be changed event-driven in real time. That way your information leakage prevention policy will be perfectly protect you from data drain by e.g. denying mail clients and browsers while particularly sensitive documents are edited. With the content filter from the XRayWatch module you will keep control over the usage of critical documents.

Black- und WhitelList-Blocking

With White-List-Blocking all unknown application will be blocked. Unfortunately this guideline cannot be enforced on 100% of the computer without substantial cutting down productivity in certain areas. On flexible desktops such as in marketing or administrative departments a white-list-policy is too strict and entails very high organizational and time effort in heterogeneous networks. ApplicationWatch lets you choose between White List and Black List per computer and use scenario – perfectly balancing your security and productivity goals.


While other products on the market just offer White List administration, itWatch will let you choose between Black and White List. Mixed installations are perfectly fitting the needs of the market since the enforcement of Black List definitions on dynamic computers allows a quick and cost-efficient administration of the application control.